New Year – New Audio Wishlist and Voiceways to Explore…..
December 14th, 2011 by Kym

I love lists!  The illusion of having it all under control – neatly printed out and organized and checked off.  It’s fun, and I invite you, if you haven’t already, to take stock of your audio progress…and do a little dreaming.  Especially at the end of the year – the turning of the earth incrementally towards the sun and all of that – new possibilities and chances to once again – get it right.  Or at least better…..

A few Audio Voicing Victories this year:   I have

  • Managed to deepen my knowledge of Protools and have produced 2 books with contracts for 3 more throughACX. My enjoyment of reading books out loud has reasserted itself  in tandem with my growing grasp of the editing technology.
  • Tackled some audio tech issues that would have completely panicked me a year ago.  It’s nice to track some incremental but definite progress.
  • Discovered some real learning value in  online networking sites, and my contributions and questions have been more frequent.  I don’t like participating just to be part of the “noise”, and I stay away from sites that simply serve as self-promotion vehicles for audio artists.  If I can’t really add value with a post, I’m fine with quietly learning from others, and I’m getting better about diving in and asking “stupid” questions!
  • Been blessed with steady voice coaching work focused in a variety of areas with terrific engaging clients – and the list is growing!
  • Got an iPd for reading in the booth.  And got it ON SALE!  OK so it’s still in the box….. Getting that set up is on the list for…
  • Just for fun…. I downloaded a free app called SonicPicsLite…. I can create audio haiku using photos and images – and the sound quality ain’t bad either!

 2012 – Here’s some Voiceways I’d like to explore….

How to get some portability into my recording set-up.  I’ve had some lovely opportunities to record oral histories  with people in their 70′s and 80′s – something I set out to do early in the year to really hone my editing skills.  Talk about mouth noise!   But it has been delightful, and somewhat lucrative – to create multi-generational audio for families to enjoy….   I’d just like a more streamlined set-up than what I currently have….love some ideas!

Here’s my dream:  I want to do regular audio narration/production for a magazine publication.  And I want an opportunity to do that in 2012.

And of course, get a few more voice clients and get more audio work in e-learning programs, web promotion and commercials….

It all looks do-able at the start of the year doesn’t it?

May your holidays be filled with peace and joy – and your New Year full of Discovery!








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